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Purple Heart Foundation AR-15 Build

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

This is a rifle we've built with an actual awarded Purple Heart, donated to be auctioned, to benefit the Purple Heart Foundation in Minneapolis.

Contact us and we will build you one to honor your favorite school, team, or organization.

Features Include:

This is an AES rifle using our custom billet lower, trigger, and BCG. It is chambered in 5.56mm, using a lightweight barrel contour, featuring a premium Ballistic Advantage barrel.

The rifle has Magpul backup sights, but we elected not to add an optic, as most rifle owners have rather strong opinions on which optic they prefer.

The bolt carrier group is coated in a TiN coating that is designed to coat cermet and carbide cutting inserts for machining steel and other hard metals. It is very durable, but due to its hardness, the bolt does not “wear in” as quickly as a standard coating.

We typically recommend at least 100 rounds through the rifle to consider it broken in, sometimes a bit more. If you encounter an FTF (failure to fire) or FTE (failure to feed) that occurs before you hit the 4-magazine mark, safely clear it and keep shooting. It will get there.

The rifle has an optimized one stage trigger.

This means that we have polished and smoothed the engagement surfaces, to make for a nice smooth pull.

The trigger is also coated in the same TiN as the BCG.

Like it? Contact us and we'll build you one to your specs

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