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GLOCK Founder Gaston Glock Has Died: 1929-2023

GLOCK announced today that their founder, Gaston Glock, died Wednesday, December 27th 2023 at the age of 94.

Founded in 1963, GLOCK was revolutionary in the development of polymer firearms. The GLOCK has become synonymous with hard-use pistols for law enforcement, military, and civilians worldwide. 

“With visionary foresight, Gaston Glock built his company and made it a world leader with the internationally valued GLOCK Perfection. Until the very end, he was responsible for the strategic direction of the GLOCK group of companies and its employees,” a statement from GLOCK said.

Glock “took foresight to ensure the continuation and stability of the company,” the company wrote. “Gaston Glock’s life’s work will continue in his spirit in the future.” 

Gaston Glock was an entrepreneur and engineer of the highest caliber. 

Mr. Glock is survived by three children and his wife, Kathrin Tschikof. He is also survived by his former wife, Helga Glock.

From: Recoil - 12/27/23

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